Eastoria Real Estate provides an exceptional home for exceptional agents thus enabling them to provide a superior level of service and attention to their clients. From the mass population of real estate agents, we prefer to attract a much smaller group of “great” Real Estate Professionals.

Eastoria’s definition of a great agent is not their production numbers. Numbers often mislead and they certainly have nothing to do with what really matters; personal service and client success. In most cases, volume business leads to sacrificing the essence of what makes a great Realtor. Eastoria agents are experienced, with uncompromising determination to help power their clients net more money, more quickly.

To promote success, Eastoria provides agents with the best in technology support as well as custom tools. Much of our sophisticated real estate technology is company developed and widely employed by other insightful real estate companies nationwide. We feel that technology should have one purpose, to serve the needs of our clients, not stand in the way of that primary focus. Eastoria does not require its agents to use an particular technology or "brand" of technology. Our agents know what works for them and they are free to choose and employ those aids.

The vast majority of Eastoria agent business is derived from repeat or referred clients. Our clients absolutely know they will receive service second to none; they understand that who you choose to represent makes a huge difference. Technology has leveled only part of the real estate field. It has made it easy for any agent to list a property, have good photos taken (although many are sadly lacking), push listings to dozens of syndication sites fire-off some emails and a host of other no-brainer activities. What technology does not do is provide negotiation skills, experience based intuition, intimate knowledge of area lifestyles and schools. The things that take human care and experience to get a "deal" done is far more art than science. The values and expertise of Eastoria Real Estate is the difference in netting as much as possible as quickly as possible for every client.

View this quick video if you feel you may share a like-mind and focus as Eastoria and its agents.

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